About CME

At CME we are defined by our passion for innovation and commitment to the highest quality engineered solutions. Utilising many years of experience plus insight, we pride ourselves on understanding the needs of our clients and their specific requirements to achieve their expectations and the results we are proud of.

CME still being a relatively new company, but with a wealth of experience, we have established a solid reputation for excellence. We set out to offer exceptional quality and servicing of mechanical and industrial equipment to diversified industrial markets.


Carpenter Mechanical Engineering

6 Oban Link

Canning Vale WA 6155


Ph: 08 9455 2256


E: info@cmeperth.com.au


We grew as we applied our knowledge and expertise into multiple fields of engineering and continue to grow our services with clients in the industrial market place.Our success can be attributed to the ‘way we do it’, our approach is a mix of enquiry, insight, careful listening and delivery.


We get the answer correct by asking the right questions and truly understanding our client’s needs, resulting in an effective approach to achieve results. At CME we know that communication and understanding are as vital as the quality and workmanship in our service delivery.


For all enquiries please call us now on 08 9455 2256 or complete the Online Enquiry Form